Discover the New Era of UCI Reunions

UC Irvine proudly unveils a reimagined reunion program that transcends traditional class gatherings. We now celebrate the diversity of our Anteater community through specialized events for various affinity groups. In collaboration with our campus schools and units, we’re crafting unique reunion experiences each year that highlight the shared interests and connections of our alumni.

This new chapter of reunions is not just an event; it is a way to reconnect with your alma mater, whether engaging with an affinity group or your school. Join us as we honor our past, connect in the present, and anticipate the future with reunions as vibrant as the UCI spirit.

Reunite. Relive. Reinspire.

Golden Anteater Society

Anteaters who have reached the 50th anniversary of their graduation will have a chance to be inducted into the Golden Anteater Society. As a member, Alumni get invited to exclusive events tailored just for them!

Digital Reunion Book

Founding UC Irvine alumni classes 1974 and earlier are invited to share life updates, cherished memories, accomplishments and photos within an exclusive closed group dedicated to founding alumni on BrightCrowd’s digital reunion yearbook. Join the excitement: click here! 

VIP List

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Filipino American Alumni Reunion

Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of Filipino student organizations at UC Irvine and marking the 50th Anniversary of Kababayan’s inception!

October 12, 2024

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