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Stay Connected: Memberships in UCIAA provide networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to stay in contact with the university and connect with classmates and friends.

Build a Legacy: Help preserve campus traditions and build a lasting legacy for future Anteaters.

Maintain Degree and Credential Integrity: Strengthen the merit of your degree or credential by advancing the standing of the university and supporting advocacy efforts on behalf of UCI.

Benefits: Membership has its rewards, click here for a complete list of discounts and privileges.

  • Enrichment: Membership grants exclusive access to benefits and programs designed to enhance the lives of alumni.
  • Development: Membership provides funding to support scholarship and student programs, chapters and clubs, events, career services, online services and publications.
  • Recognition: Membership serves as a measure of alumni participation for the university and helps to increase UC Irvine’s national ranking.
  • Advocacy: Membership supports advocacy efforts designed to preserve and advance UC Irvine and the interests of its alumni.

General Membership provides access to entry-level benefits such as alumni email forwarding* and the bi-monthly events digest email. Join as an Annual, Life or Golden Life Member and gain access to additional benefits and exclusive privileges.

Yes! DCE certificate and specialized studies holders will now be granted General Membership in the UC Irvine Alumni Association upon program completion. DCE Alumni will be able to enjoy all courtesies associated with General Membership with the exception of email forwarding. DCE Alumni will also be eligible to upgrade to Annual, Life, or Golden Life Membership for additional benefits and exclusive privileges.

Golden Life Membership provides an opportunity for our most passionate Anteaters to invest philanthropically in the mission and services of the Association. By upgrading to Golden Life Membership, you help us expand beyond our standard programming to meet the needs of an ever-growing alumni population. Each year we host more than 160 social, networking, and industry focused events on-campus as well as regionally for our Anteater network that is 240,000+ alumni strong

In addition to strengthening your commitment to the success and longevity of traditions like Homecoming and Lauds & Laurels, your support also helps other signature programs such as:

  • The Anteater Network – The UCI Alumni Association’s flash mentorship and professional networking platform where it’s easy to find a mentor or be a mentor. Joining this exclusive online community provides alumni and students the opportunity to seek trusted counsel and meaningful guidance from their Anteater peers, a valuable resource for any career level.
  • Anteaters in Service Day – A global program designed to connect alumni through collective participation in local volunteer projects led by partner charitable organizations. Anteaters in Service Day serves as an opportunity to act on the UC mission of public service towards a brilliant future and demonstrates that all alumni, regardless of proximity or affinity to UCI, can make a difference in their communities.
  • Dinners with Anteaters – A quarterly program in partnership with the Student Alumni Association that pairs alumni hosts with students for an evening of casual networking, career discussion, and opportunities to share advice on navigating life after graduation.

In recognition of their philanthropic investment, Golden Life Members receive a custom-made lapel pin, their name and Golden Life status in UC Irvine Alumni Association programs and honor rolls, and exclusive university event invitations.

Current Life Members can upgrade to Golden Life Membership with a tax-deductible qualifying gift of $250. If you are interested in upgrading, please email us at alumni@uci.edu or call us at 949-824-2586 and we will help personally assist your upgrade.

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a Life Member of the UCI Alumni Association, an installment option is available when you sign up online. Installments range from 2 – 10 monthly payments and the installment option increases the overall price of Life Membership by $50 total per person. Click here to see your membership tier options.

No. If you are interested in becoming a Golden Life Member on an installment basis, please first sign up for Life Membership via installments. Upon completion of your last installment payment, you will be able to upgrade to Golden Life Membership with a $250 tax-deductible qualifying gift to the UCI Alumni Association.

No. If you and your spouse are interested in both becoming Golden Life Members, please first sign up for Joint Life Membership. Once your Joint Life Membership has been processed, you will each be able to individually upgrade to Golden Life Membership with a $250 tax-deductible qualifying gift to the UC Irvine Alumni Association.

Memberships materials are mailed within two to four weeks of payment receipt.

Membership packets include a welcome letter from our Board President, personalized membership card, detailed discount redemption information, engagement opportunities, and Anteater sticker.

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a Life member of the association, an installment option with monthly payments is available when you sign up for your membership online. Click here to see your membership options.Click here to see your membership options.

E-mail us at: alumni@uci.edu or call us at (949) 824-2586.

Remote access to UC Irvine library resources is restricted to students, faculty, and staff. However, Life Members and Golden Life Members can exclusively utilize the Association’s paid subscription to EBSCO – an online research database which provides access to over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals as well as indexes and abstracts for more than 7,380 publications in nearly every area of academic study.

Beginning in 2014, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) gave alumni the opportunity to keep their UC Irvine Gmail after graduation, including access to Google Workspace apps, as long as they renew their accounts annually. Failure to renew will cause the account to be suspended and eventually deleted. Once deleted, there is no way to reinstate this account or recover the documents saved.

Alumni who graduated prior to 2014 may sign up for alumni email forwarding instead. Please note this is not a mailbox you sign into to check email; it is simply a forwarding record, similar to a forwarding address when you move to a new home. Any email sent to your UC Irvine email address will be forwarded to another delivery point of your choosing.

The email address you will be given will be in the following format: UCInetID@alumni.uci.edu. Alumni who graduated with a graduate degree are eligible to request an alternate format, if desired: UCInetID@uci.edu.

No. This service is available to all UC Irvine degreed alumni, including General Members. DCE Alumni are not eligible.

For instructions on how to set up alumni email forwarding, please email the front desk at alumni@uci.edu and provide the following information:

  • Full name – if your name has changed from when you were a student, please provide both the old and the new
  • Graduation year
  • Type of degree received (Undergraduate or Graduate) and your major (e.g., English, Engineering, etc.)

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